Mission Engineering Gemini GM-HS Head Rack
Effektzubehör Mission Engineering Gemini GM-HS Head RackEffektzubehör Mission Engineering Gemini GM-HS Head Rack (2)

Mission Engineering Gemini GM-HS Head Rack

  • 19" Rack-Montage-Kit
  • 19" Gehäuse
  • 4 HE (obere 2HE offen, untere 2 HE verdeckt mit abnehmbarem Frontpanel)
  • 12" tief
  • passend für Avid Eleven Rack, Kemper KPA Profiling Amplifier, Line 6 POD HD Pro

Mission Engineering Gemini GM-HS Head Rack · Effektzubehör

The top 2U space is open as standard to fit most modeling amps and effects units. The 16″ depth comfortably accommodates full length devices. A 2U blank in the bottom space is finished with quality black grill cloth, and silver trim to match the Gemini cabinets for a boutique half stack appearance. The blank can be removed to access the additional 2U of rack space when required.

Gemini H is made in the USA from rugged, void free 3/4″ birch ply. Black Tolex covering and chrome hardware perfectly match the Gemini cabinets, and also look great with other cabs. Each unit comes fully assembled with carry handles, 2U blank with cloth covering, silver piping, and four sturdy rubber feet allowing the head to sit on top of a speaker cab, flight case, or studio table. A screw kit is included for securing your equipment into the rack.

The short version is 12″ deep to match the depth of the Gemini 1 and 2 cabinets. The Short Head will accommodate rack units such as the Kemper Profiler and Avid Eleven Rack. The Full Head is 16″ deep to accommodate full size units such as the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx.


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