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E-Gitarre Ibanez RG565-LB

Ibanez RG565-LB

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  • Farbe: Lazer Blue
  • Bauart: Solid Body
  • Korpusform: Modern ST
  • Saitenanzahl: 6-saitig
  • Halskonstruktion: verschraubt
  • Bundanzahl: 24
  • Mensur: 25,5" (648 mm)
  • Korpusmaterial: Linde (Basswood)
  • Hals: 3-tlg. Ahorn/Walnuss
  • Halsprofil: Super Wizard
  • Griffbrett: 1-tlg. Ahorn (Maple)
  • Griffbrettradius: 17"
  • Griffbrett Einlagen: Orange Dot
  • Pickup: H-H (2x Humbucker)
  • Pickup Neck: Ibanez Infinity R Neck
  • Pickup Bridge: Ibanez V8
  • Pickup Wahlschalter: 5-Weg Schalter
  • Regler: 1x Volume, 1x Tone
  • Bridge/Tremolo: Ibanez Edge
  • Hardware: Black
  • Saitenstärke ab Werk: .009 - .042
  • Besonderheit(en): Matching Headstock
  • Produktionsland: Japan

Ibanez RG565-LB · E-Gitarre

Die Ibanez RG Modelle sind ein ganz großer Wurf - seit den 80ern gilt die RG als der Inbegriff von komfortabler Bespielbarkeit und vielseitigem Sound. Mit der RG565-LB kommt ein ungewöhnliches RG Modell in coolem 80's Outfit: Linden RG Body, Ahorn Hals und ein Minihumbucker am Hals und ein kräftiger Ibanez V8 an der Brücke. Mit an Bord ist das unverzichtbare Ibanez Edge Locking Tremolo. Der Knaller ist die coole Lazer Blue Lackierung (auch auf dem Reverse Headstock).

Ibanez RG Series
RGs sind für Geschwindigkeit, Komfort, Ton und Sustain gebaut: eine 24-bündige Spielwiese der Kreativität und Ausdrucksmöglichkeit. Die RG-Serie ist mit dem Metal-Genre zusammen aufgewachsen und ist jetzt - über zwanzig Jahre später - der Standard für Metal- und Rock-Spieler.

Und wenn's auch ein bisschen mehr sein darf: die Prestige- und Premium -Modelle der RG-Serie bieten edelste Optik und Performance durch die Verwendung edelster Materialien in Verbindung mit traditioneller Handwerkskunst.


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Everything You Will Ever Need

Alienadin am 12.09.2022

It was love at first sight. Blue is my favourite colour, and this is an absolutely gorgeous blue.
This guitar ticks all the boxes for me. It's a high performance shred machine, if you want it too, but you can play blues, fusion, even jazz on it as well. All pickup positions are hum-cancelling. Positions 2 and 4 clean up nicely, and provide sweet funky and stratty tones, as does position 3 btw.. Position 5 is for ripping leads, but also sounds like a really cool Strat neck pickup. And position 1 just rocks your heart out. The stock pickups are perfectly fine imo, and I don't feel any need to put something else in at all. The edge tremolo gives you the best Floyd Rose you could possibly ask for, and if you have problems with it, it's your fault. The flutter is second to none. You can bend up a perfect fourth on the G string, whilst keeping the string action nice and low. The craftsmanship was once again, just like my RG550 Genesis Collection, and RG562 Prestige, absolutely flawless. The Japanese are perfectionists, and I am glad for it. The Genesis Collection has notable advantages over the originals: It has a 5 piece neck, and a volute, which decreases the risk of neck breakage dramatically. Also, the fingerboard now goes all the way into the body, increasing the sustain, and minimizing the risk of neck pockets cracks substantially. The neck heel joint is the only thing that could be slimmer, but it's still fine to reach the highest frets with relative ease, once you get used to it. The neck heel backplate looks really cool, and the sculpting around it looks sweet as well. The Super Wizard neck is the slimmest neck in the world, and in combination with the nearly 17 inch fingerboard radius, it basically plays itself. I could live without the reverse headstock, but it's something different. My first, out of my current 16 electric guitars, not counting the ones I had over the years. The neck feels sensationally smooth, and it's built for speed. In short: This is a highly versatile guitar that can do ANYTHING. The hardware, including the Gotoh tuners, are top notch, and will last you many years to come.
The metal dome knobs look classy, and Music-Produktiv set up the guitar wonderfully. I only had to adjust the trussrod a wee bit, and it was sheer perfection, so thanks for the making sure it would arrive in pristine condition.
This is a must, and theoretically could be your one guitar to do it all. Not saying that there are always good reasons to buy more. He, he
Rock on
Here is my unboxing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXN5gU-ASdc
And a short demo of the pickups: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYld5ZIP90A&t=11s
I wil probably do an in-depth one down the line, so subscribe for more.

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