Hotlicks Mastering Lead Guitar

Hotlicks Mastering Lead Guitar, DVD

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DVD • Instrument: Gitarre • Tutor/Performer: Michael Lee Firkins • Spielzeit: 50 Minuten • Sprache: Englisch • Art: Lehr-DVD • Ländercode: 0 alle Länder • Michael Lee Firkins is one of the hottest players around, possessing a Guitar style of incredible depth and maturity that belies his young age. On this DVD he gives a thorough and well-rounded lesson dealing with scales and routines, whammy bar effects for unique slide and pedal steel sounds, overdubbing lead harmonies and solos over a rhythm part, blues leads, tapping effects and real tapping for lightning fast runs, fingerpicking for both lead and rhythm, Jimmy Page and Joe Walsh styles, special harmonica and banjo effects, open-string tapping styles, and advanced sweeping and arpeggio techniques and exercises. This is a rare opportunity to get in on some red-hot info from a truly unique and gifted artist. All exercises are transcribed in the accompanying booklet, corresponding to example numbers on the screen. And of course, all right- and left-hand techniques are shown close-up, with special split-screen effects, so you can closely observe and learn all the subtleties the top players are known for. Booklet enclosed!