Egnater Tweaker 40

Egnater Tweaker 40

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  • Bauart: Röhre
  • Leistung: 40 Watt
  • Kanäle: 2
  • Lautsprecherbestückung: 1 x 12"
  • Lautsprechertyp: Custom Voiced Egnater Elite GH-50 by Celestion
  • Klangregelung: Bässe/Mitten/Höhen
  • Vorstufenröhren: 3 x 12AX7
  • Endstufenröhren: 2 x 6L6
  • Lieferumfang: Footswitch
  • Open Back Combo
  • Same Footprint as Tweaker-112X for Easy Stacking
  • AC, British or American Voicing Switch
  • Buffered Effects Loop with Level Selector
  • Void-Free Birch Plywood Construction
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Egnater Tweaker 40 · E-Gitarrenverstärker



Transforms the feel from classic rock to modern edge


Choose American, British or AC EQ


Shapes the low and high-end response


Select low or high gain


Sculpts the critical midrange

The Tweaker 40 is a two channel, 40-watt amp, driven by two premium 6L6 power tubes and three hand selected 12AX7 preamp tubes. Packed with the features gigging musicians have been asking for, the Tweaker 40 expands Egnater’s award-winning Tweaker Series. The eleven on board Tweaker switches provide unparalleled flexibility for shaping your tone. A rugged 2-button footswitch is included. Available as a head or 1x12” combo.

Egnater Tweaker
Are you a Tweaker? Hidden inside the Egnater Tweaker is a vast array of tones not usually found in amps this compact. Each of the five toggle switches on the front change the character of the amp. The TIGHT and BRIGHT switches shape the low and high end from soft and smooth to punchy and aggressive. The GAIN switch goes from sparkly clean to an all out high-gain assault. The EQ switch lets you select from pristine American to classic Brit and even the elusive VX AC sound. The CLASSIC/MODERN voicing switch allows you to select either soft and smooth or hard and edgy power tube tone. It’s all in there to satisfy the ultimate “Tweaker”.

E-Gitarrenverstärker · Egnater Tweaker 40

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